Dreams and Nightmares

Many years ago I had the opportunity to dine with Ann Faraday author of Dream Power and The Dream Game. It was a fascinating and eye-opening evening.

Faraday is noted for sharing techniques for dream interpretation that anyone can use. At Comfort Zone Camp I often say, “Who here has dreams or nightmares that are scary or hard to understand?” Inevitably several campers raise their hands, and some jump right in to talk about them.

Occasionally, one or more campers bring up the subject of dreams without my asking the question. Dreams are important or powerful messages our brains are attempting to communicate to us.

Here’s what I know about dreams from my conversation with Ann Faraday, and from reading her books.

1.  Our dreams, even the scary ones, are trying to help us understand something important. Unfortunately they are often in images that are difficult to interpret.

2.  Usually the dream is related to some thought or experience during the waking hours of the day. The thought or experience may have been fleeting and or something hardly noticed. In the loss of a loved one, it may have a fleeting look at a photo on the desk, the smell of perfume or cologne in a hallway, or being introduced to someone with the same name as the person who died.*

3.  Sometimes the dream is related to a specific unresolved incident, feeling or stressful situation. Here we may be struggling inside with feelings of anger, sadness or guilt that we haven’t felt safe in sharing with others. Children are often protective of the surviving parent and thus keep their feelings to themselves.

4.  The feeling you wake up with is usually the key to the dream’s attempt to help. (Angry, confused, lonely, deeply sad, frightened, etc.)

5.  Much harder to understand is that everything in the dream is the dreamer. The angry dog is me and I am scaring me. That could be: I’m frightened by my anger at the one who died because they left me.

In the camp Healing Circle I don’t try to interpret, but I do communicate that the dream has a friendly, helpful intent, and that it’s important to share the dream feelings with someone they trust. That “someone” can be the surviving parent, a caring relative, a counselor, their Big Buddy at camp, or me.

If you are the person with whom the child or teen is sharing the dream, just listen and affirm the feelings the dream has surfaced. “It’s the anger that scared you. What makes you angry? I get angry sometimes.”

With young children, a bad dream revealed presents us with an opportunity to comfort. Perhaps it’s just a hug and an, “It will be OK. I’ll stay with you awhile. We can talk about it in the morning if you like.” It may give you clues to what the child is experiencing, and doesn’t know how to say. It is also an opportunity to explore.

As a teen or an adult we can ask ourselves, “what is this dream feeling trying to tell me, and how can I face it? With whom might I share the dream and explore what’s bothering me?”

Of course some dreams are not scary, only confusing. For some time I dreamed of returning to a house I once owned only to find it cluttered with junk. My house, me, was quite cluttered at the time with tasks that I didn’t like or want to do. It was time to stop procrastinating and move forward.

*I once dreamed that I tripped and fell down the stairs to the basement. The next day I discovered a loose stair board. My unconscious mind saw it when my conscious mind did not.

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  1. Andrew Dooley said on March 11, 2010 at 4:01 pm ... #

    Hey Bill,

    This reminds me of another book I read, “The Gift of Fear,” which also discusses how the subconscious communicates with us on our behalf; in this case, how sudden and seemingly unexplained fear tips us off to what our senses have perceived, but that our conscious mind has not processed.

  2. Grant O'Connor said on November 20, 2010 at 5:50 am ... #

    Dear Sir

    Two weeks ago I lost my dear mother after a 2 year battle with cancer. She was the closest person in the world to me. I suffer from major depressive illness and for that I am prescribed Venlafaxine and buspirone which have worked well. In January 2009 I went through a catastrophic event which resulted in the loss of my job as a partner in a law firm, a potential prison sentence which I could never endure, the loss of my long term partner who I loved very dearly and what felt like the loss of everything.

    After hitting rock bottom (and I mean rock bottom!) with the help of my family I began to rebuild my life. After a hard fight I was allowed to continue practising law and in March this year I set up my own law practice. My mother was so proud.

    Since she died, I am worried that I am unable to feel anything. I get through the day, I can still go to work, though very occasionally I break down. Not like the rest of my family though who are distraught. I am however having the most horrendous dreams and they are at the point of really really worrying me. Strange dreams that are almost “real”. sometimes I can’t remember them but wake up and can’t breath, sweating and confused. But last night was horrendous, and weird. I dreamt that I had gone back in time and was in the living room with my Mum, Dad, 2 brothers and my sister. It was all so real. At one point I asked my Dad what year it was and he looked at me like I was nuts! Long story short I found out I had gone back 16 years and was 22 again. I felt terrified. I then told my Dad that he must start taking it easy and stop drinking because he was going to take a stroke in years to come. He laughed me off. I begged my Mum to stop smoking and told her I knew she was going to die of lung cancer at 60 years and we would all be distraught. I told them all again and again to listen to me. I woke a few times and each time I fell asleep again I went to the same type of dream. But it got worst. I could go back only 3 years after my Dad had his stroke, or then 2 years after my Mum first diagnosed, then it got weirder and weirder. I knew it wasn’t real and tried to waken up but could not. I was terrified in the end and woke at 6am again couldn’t breath and it took a few minutes to work out if I was waken or not.

    I’m so worried I am going mad! I seem to “cope” during the day and don’t want to. I want to be like the rest of them and grieve normally. Has my episode last year made me apathetic to everything?

  3. Bill said on November 22, 2010 at 12:52 pm ... #

    It takes courage to share such difficult experiences and painful feelings. Thanks for visiting here. — First, you are on medication so if this is with a psychiatrist you might seek a “talk” visit with him or her. A local therapist that specializes in difficult grief is another option. If there is a hospice organization near you they may be able to steer you to the right person. — Second, a numb or can’t feel is what many feel when the loss is so recent (2 weeks). Third, the powerful feeling dreams may be real feelings trying to break through. Two feelings come to mind. Anger that those you love didn’t take care of themselves causing this loss. Guilt that you didn’t confront them with their health damaging behavior. You are not alone in having those feelings -I have some related to my dad myself even though I realize it might have not changed the outcome (alcohol and cigarettes). Fourth, forgiveness may be a path out -forgiving yourself and them. (Check out “Guilt and the Emotional Collage” on this site). Bereavement healing is a circular path much like a hoop rolling forward. It repeats itself, but moves forward in healing. The cycle is 1. Tell/share your story with others who will listen/understand as you move towards the pain. 2. Identify the feelings and their intensity and how they change over time. Embrace them; we all have them. 3. Look at how you are coping with the feelings and choose the positive ways. I tell kids hit a pillow, not your sister. 4. Make a list of positive memories with the ones you’ve lost and decide on the next step in your grief journey. — Join the forum section of this web site to engage with others. Know that you are in my thoughts. Take care and be gentle with yourself.

  4. Carol Degler said on December 27, 2010 at 2:05 pm ... #

    You have to understand where this dream comes from. My grandson saw his mom being stabbed to death by one of her boyfriends. Who then killed himself while being chased by the police. My grandson knows Troy is dead but he still has dreams about him. My grandson is 9 yrs. old. Last night he dreamed that Troy told a joke that wasn’t funny but he laughed anyway. But Troy hit him anyway. Fred ran away but Troy chased him and kept hitting him. My grandson woke up and knew it was a dream but did not want to go back to sleep. It was 7:30am and I huged him and we went up stairs after he told me his dream. I said that it must have been frightening but we knew that Troy could never hurt him. It has only been 9 months since this horrable thing happened. We are seeing a play theropist that seems to be helping to get his fears and anger out. Thanks for letting me air this out.

  5. sheena said on January 7, 2011 at 9:00 pm ... #

    Hi bill,

    My nan passed away just over 6months ago and I’ve been having nightmares ever since it happened! The first one she locked me in the coffin with her, shook the coffin and said it was my fault. The second one involved me being in a fire which was lit by my nan. And I just woke up from one now where she suffocated me in my sleep. I went to heaven and she said ‘3 more times yet’. 🙁 I’m 16 and I don’t want to stress my dad out by telling him. Could you please advice me on what to do 🙁 thank you so much

  6. Bill said on January 10, 2011 at 1:21 pm ... #

    Those are scary dreams! I’m pleased you are looking for help. First, a couple of suggestion: 1) Talk to your school counselor. She/He may be able to help or know a grief counselor you could talk to. 2)Perhaps you could just tell your dad you are feeling sad Confused and would like to talk to a counselor -no need to go into details.
    — Without knowing your relationship to your Nan before she died it’s a little hard to know what the dreams might mean. Whatever the relationship was -good, bad, mixed; you are not responsible for her death. People we love or have mixed experiences with do die. Grief is a powerful thing and sometimes we blame ourselves in some way. — There’s nothing wrong with you. From all my experience, I know that moving towards hurt, guilt, pain is the path to healing. — Talking to a professional is important and I’ve done it myself when I needed it. I’ll be thinking about you. — Look into ComfortZoneCamp.org and sign up for a camp. Camps are free and travel scholarships are available. At these camps you will be with 60 other teens like yourself. It’s both a fun and healing experience.

  7. Deb said on February 11, 2011 at 11:54 pm ... #

    I have also been to heaven in my dreams recently and, I must say, the vision is making suicide a much more inviting relief. My entire life has been consumed with death and tragedy, starting at age 5, with the death of my best friend and her entire family, to age 52, with the death of my 7 month old grandson 3 years ago, cause of death undetermined. I am just tired, and I have no more hope or happy dreams..most of my dreams are filled with the despair of losing even more family members, friends, neighbors…even though I have cut myself off from everyone and suffer in isolation. Only my 3 year old granddaughter keeps me alive and I live in terror that something will happen to her…tell me what has been the point of my life? My father died when I was 8, two brothers committed suicide…and I become more and more insignificant and faded every day. There are not enough days left in my life for any professional to fix what is wrong in my head…I see here, though, that I am not the only person who has had more than their fair share of loss in their life..how do you face the new day?

  8. Diane G said on April 18, 2011 at 2:59 pm ... #

    Hi Bill. My mom passed away last year while I was away working. I didnt want to leave her because her health was declining. Everyone told me to go and things would be ok. 5 days left on my job The Doctor in my state called me and told me to come home imediatley my mom had advanced pancreatic cancer and was in a coma. It happened all of a sudden. for the first 8 months I had nice dreams of her, she was younger, beautiful and could walk again. The last month or two my dreams are, of her dying again and the grief is so overwhelming and confusing. last night I had a horrible dream I saw my mom lying down and there was a man on top of her holding her down, he had a hood over his head. I ran to her and he was pulling her up and demanding he go with her. I grabbed her arm and tried to put her in her wheel chair yelling at the man to let her go. I looked up at him and he became my mom, she said to me ” thats my mom let her go”. I looked at what I thought was my mom in the wheelchair and it was another woman with no eyes and she screamed at me “no its my mother” I still had her arm and looked back up and it was the man again and he had no face, he was pulling hard on her. I started screaming at him saying, is it your mother or my mother? why are you trying to confuse me? let her go!
    I woke with my heart pounding and sobbed very hard. It very disturbing and sad and I cant shake it. what do you or anyone else think? Please? thank you!

  9. Deb & Dianne said on April 26, 2011 at 4:10 pm ... #

    When dreams are as disturbing as yours you’d be wise to seek out a counselor with skill in this area. Talking to someone face to face is important. You have vivid recall of your dreams and while disturbing to say the least you will be able to share them. — I wish you the best and will keep you in my thoughts.

  10. Tracey said on April 27, 2011 at 8:29 am ... #

    I just lost my mother after a very severe life long disabling illness. Because of being bed bound, there were a lot of side illnesses too, one of which ended up taking her life.

    I’m quite surprised how things are going so far. I thought I would be more upset and I thought I would feel more relief that she wasn’t suffering and selfishly relief for myself not having to watch her suffer.

    I feel more like a stunned fish out of water.

    Then the guilt. I was there for her every step of the way, fought with all my strength, if there was ever someone who shouldn’t feel guilty, it would be me. SO much guilt. I know it’s all irrational, but I can’t let it go. I’m only bringing this up if anyone else is going through it, I think that stages of death list might need an update.

    I should have done this better, I should have been more fun instead of always worrying about her, stuff like that.

    Then the nightmares. I never expected the nightmares. They are horrific. Most are of her still suffering and I can’t help her. Then I have others of bad things happening to my child.

    Just thought I would share in case anyone else is going through the same thing.

  11. Anonymous said on May 12, 2011 at 1:14 pm ... #

    I lost both my parents last year from Cancer. I dream of them about twice a month. I usually only dream that I am taking a nap and I hear their voices in the next room. Then I go into the living room and they are there but the light is too bright for me to see them. I try to go to hug them but the light hurts my eyes. I say “I can’t get to you” and my Dad says “Just forget about it”. A couple of times I made it to my Mom and hugged her and said “I love you.” and she said “I love you, too.” back.

    Today I dreamed – I went into the living room and thought they were out shopping – then saw two graves in the backyard with flowers. And I realized they were gone, and my eyes hurt and I started to cry, then I realized the floor was wet, and it was raining outside. Then the walls inside were wet and dripping and then everything in the house was dripping tears. The whole house was crying. Thank God I woke up. It was so sad.

    I think these dreams are the ending of my grief. I have grieved heavily for a year. I think I might be coming to terms with my Mom and Dad being gone until I see them in Heaven. I’m not scared of these dreams. I like them in a strange way (espcially when I hear my Mom and Dad laughing). I think it’s the brain finally giving in to the shock of losing them.

  12. DeSouza Dennis said on June 12, 2011 at 7:29 am ... #

    My girlfriend passed away age 42 just recently of cancer.we would have been married next August. This week alone i had two terrible nightmares. First nightmare, i was being chased by her male relatives with the intentions of causing injury to me and i was fighting to close a door.
    Second nightmare, I went down her grave, open her coffin and put on a white veil on her face and for soem reason she reserurected.
    I woke up feeling afraid. Am I being witchcraft?
    However before she died, i had another dream, I was being starngled by some evil demon.
    What’s this all about? My girlfriend is a staunch catholic.

  13. Anonymous too said on July 27, 2011 at 5:39 am ... #

    I lost my Dad on my birthday about 2 1/2 months ago after a year and a half long battle with cancer. During the day I do pretty well, but at night the grief creeps into my dreams. Don’t misunderstand, there are days I cry for no reason, and of course miss him at some point everyday – I understand that is all part of the grief process. My family seems to have gone nuts – my stepmother began dating after 6 weeks, maybe less. My mother claimed my sister was an only child to get more of his estate – which there is none, the only thing left are bills. My husband lost his father only 24 days before I lost mine, so I don’t want to share my grief with him, since he is dealing with his own grief, and am trying to be strong for my grown kids. Everyone seems to have gone on with their lives, but I’m still hurting! The dreams always involve dying or funerals usually revolving around my dad. Tonight it was a random rampage shooting involving people I know. How do I sleep without having such horrible dreams, it almost makes me afraid to go to sleep. I am taking an anti-anxiety medication and that helps, but am afraid of taking too much. If I do it makes me sleepy during the day. Please give me some direction, or let me know that it’s just part of the grief process.

  14. Bill said on August 2, 2011 at 7:55 am ... #

    It has been awhile since I’ve visited this article I wrote and I’m touched by the comments you have made and stories you have shared. — Dreams are our unconscious at work when we are asleep. It’s working out our feelings over our loss that our conscious mind,for whatever reason, is too busy getting through the day to day activities of work, study, helping others… Dreams with scary feelings can be anger that the person died and left us, guilt that we may have said or missed something, being alone to cope and, sometimes, missed opportunity. The scary dreams tend to diminish over time, but if they don’t it’s helpful to talk them out with a counselor or trusted friend who listens well. Some people find it helpful to write them out and ask what’s the unconscious trying to help me with? — The social network side of Hello Grief is a good place to meet and share with others your story of loss and your grief journey. You are not alone. There are those who understand even thought each person’s journey is different in some way. I wish you all well and the healing your unconscious wants for you.

  15. lauren said on January 8, 2012 at 5:09 pm ... #

    I lost my dad last May of a two year battle with cancer and I cried alot and it still hurts me just to think that I don’t have him anymore.
    Certain songs will make cry,certain smells,anything that reminds me of Daddy.

  16. Pippa said on September 23, 2012 at 8:20 pm ... #

    I am sorry for every one’s loss. Is amazing how everyone loses someone, yet it often feels so lonely & isolating. I lost my mom 5 years go, she was an only child, as am I. So was always just her & I. We were very close.
    I’m curious if anyone else has this experience… ever since the night she died, I have several dreams a week about her. Sadly, they are never comforting dreams. In all my dreams some form of day-to-day life continues on (work, shopping, studying, etc) and then suddenly I discover that my mom is still alive, and I rush to go find her (at home, at hospital, in another city)… all the while in my mind thinking “How can she be alive? She died! Why didn’t she come find me?”
    But when I find her I can’t see her face, or she doesn’t look at me, or I see just the back of her turn as she turns a corner or walks down a halfway, or she walks by me as if I am invisible, or worse, in a few dreams she looks at me like I am disgusting or she doesn’t recognize me, so maybe she does not want anything to do with me. And then it is all too late. I watch her die again, often unable to reach her and help.
    Is this common? I loved my mom dearly, and she loved me. I never questioned if she was proud of me or not. But every dream is excruciatingly painful because it’s as if my mom wants nothing to do with me, yet I have to watch her die all over again.
    I wish she’d come visit me in my dreams to hug me and tell me everything is ok, that she is ok.

  17. Sharon said on September 26, 2012 at 10:25 pm ... #

    Can anyone help me. Before my mother of 73 passed away, I was happy and fulfilled and felt very rich that I had everyone I loved in my life. She passed away in the hospital at 4:35am and I got the call from the physician. I keep having dreams of her, imagining her pain (if any) right before she died. I keep having images of this and feelings of fear. I also have nightmares about people trying to hurt me physically and mentally. I am so afraid to go to bed at night unhless I take something to help me sleep. EVERY night I have nightmares. During the day I take care of my 82 year old depressed dad. He is also not well physically or mentally. I am very stressed and have not experienced feeling her loss. She was everything to me. I don’t understand why I haven’t really “let loose” and cried or went crazy. Her death was unexpected. A week before she passed my 8 year old Golden died in the house with me 4 feet from her in my chair. I didn’t expect her to die either. I don’t understand myself at all. I need so much help in every which way I don’t know what to do. My dad takes up 80% of my free time. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you all for posting; it is so good to know I am not completely alone. Everyone please take care.

  18. Lori Ann Patterson said on October 21, 2012 at 12:08 pm ... #

    I dream about my brother at least once a week ~ he died X yrs ago from an out of nowhere terminal blood cancer ~ diagnosis to his death was only 4 months. I dream pretty much the same dream, but with subtle differences. Michael is in the next room, car, etc and my family briefly mentions that “scare” we had when we almost lost him. For a while, I am so relieved and just hug him and look at him and I really believe Im not dreaming. Slowly my dreamself starts noticing something isnt right~ one minute we are at our childhood home, the next at his first house, etc. He looks at me right before I wake up as if to say “dont wake up or i will really die” I try so hard to stay in the dream and even when I awake, the first thought i have is ~ Michael didnt die! Of course a minute or so later, reality sets in.

  19. Lori Ann Patterson said on October 21, 2012 at 12:09 pm ... #

    I dream about my brother at least once a week ~ he died 7 yrs ago from an out of nowhere terminal blood cancer ~ diagnosis to his death was only 4 months. I dream pretty much the same dream, but with subtle differences. Michael is in the next room, car, etc and my family briefly mentions that “scare” we had when we almost lost him. For a while, I am so relieved and just hug him and look at him and I really believe Im not dreaming. Slowly my dreamself starts noticing something isnt right~ one minute we are at our childhood home, the next at his first house, etc. He looks at me right before I wake up as if to say “dont wake up or i will really die” I try so hard to stay in the dream and even when I awake, the first thought i have is ~ Michael didnt die! Of course a minute or so later, reality sets in.

  20. Robin said on November 5, 2012 at 9:01 pm ... #

    hi. i have never done this before but i have been having nightmares ever since a friend passed. i was wondering is this a normal stage of grief or am i experieneing a deeper problem. I also am sleep walking and grinding my teeth..

  21. Kayla said on April 18, 2013 at 6:33 am ... #

    My grandpa passed away 2 years ago and occasionally I still have dreams of him passing away and I wake up crying. My mom tells me he’s in a better place and that I shouldnt be having those dreams but I was very close to him and did.t get to see him until after he passed away. I’m 22 and I dont know if what I’m dreaming is normal even after 2 year’s passing

  22. carol said on May 9, 2013 at 3:17 pm ... #

    I lost my most loved and precious mom 2yrs n almost 4months ago, i am very sad and lonely without momma. I have bad dreams, that i can never reach my mom, various forms there are always obstacles in my way, when i wake i am very sad upset and feel very drained, this happens frequently, how i pray and wish my loving momma could hold me and i could kiss her and tell her how much i love her and miss her with all my heart. And to hear momma say i love you carol, and to kiss my forehead, which is what we did when mom was here. I will always need, love and miss my angel momma so very much. I need to feel peace.

  23. lisha melzer said on May 19, 2013 at 11:37 pm ... #

    My mom passed away three years ago after being on kidney dialis for ten years . she died in my arms at the er . she purposely did not go go to dialisys any of the three times she was suposed to go every week then convinced us that she did until the day she died . my brother and i realized she liied about going and said she was done fighting she gaveup. Ive been having nightmares the last six months . IN THEnightmares she is usually hurting or asking for my help and i cant help her. the last one she had fallen while she was holding my youngest kid and he was chokeing but for some reason i jzst stood back and watched because i couldnt help them for some reason. please tell me what theese nightmares mean. Thank you

  24. Gen said on August 16, 2013 at 8:45 pm ... #

    Hi. I have never written on a site about grief, but wanted to share my experience. 10 years ago I lost my brother (aged 27) He was diagnosed with lung cancer and it only took 4 months for it to take his life. I don’t talk much at all to anyone of my feelings of loss or how much I miss him everyday. In the same year 6 months later my father died. I feel that I haven’t finished briefing for my brother yet, let alone started for my dad.
    I dreamt last night, the reason that I am here, that I was back in the house we grew up in. My brother was there and he was around the age of 16-17. I was the age I am now. I was in the room looking for photos that I wanted to take back with me when I woke up. He was walking into his room when I stopped him and said ” please don’t smoke’, you need to stop” he didn’t seem to care (typical behaviour just like he was at that age) and I grabbed his arm and said “you don’t understand I’m not from here, please trust me do not smoke anymore” he looked at me and it was like he realised I was from another time. I woke up with the look in his eyes stuck in my mind, it was like I had reached a different time, and he understood.
    I think with grief it is very personal, and lonely at times but there are always reminders that our loved ones are with us. I have found that over the past ten years I dream often of my brother, each dream has a meaning about where I am at in the grief stage and its important to understand what it actually means to you. I know that last nights dream tells me that I am saddened that my brother isn’t here now and I wish I could turn back time, things could have been so different today. Although it probably always feel this way, being able to understand and acknowledge each dream is really important…

  25. ndeshi said on September 8, 2013 at 5:51 pm ... #

    Dreamed of my father in low who just pass on 3 week ago, I dreamed him in the sick bad and eventual I was comforting him and he was trying to tell me something but I didn’t just get what he is saying, after he become better and kiss me on my hand smiling. After a time he stood up and start dancing happy with me. what is the meaning of this dream?

  26. CC said on February 10, 2014 at 7:02 pm ... #

    I have always had strange dreams ever since i was very young, some that have warned me and some which have come true, throughout the years there have been dreams that stick with me and follow and continue. Some which i have learnt to control but some which are beyond my control. I am really good at knowing went to wake up from my freaky dreams. I always know i am in the dream and there have been times lately where I cant wake. Two main dreams that iv had ever since i was a little girl is a Man trying to get into my apartment trying to hurt my mother or myself, not just hurt but in all my dreams looking into his eyes I can see what he is thinking of doing to us. NOw its strange because my step dad has always lived with us and my sister yet when i dream its just my mum and I. The man is usually outside and tries to get in, and i manage to wake myself up just as he grabs hold of my mum and I. Its scary because this dream just feels so real each time, Ive had one instance when i couldnt wake myself up, as much as id scream wake up, and knowing my partner was beside me in bed i would tap my fingers on his arms and hopefully he would wake me up, and he did the second last time i dreamt with this man, my partner manage to wake me up, as he said i was speaking weird like the devils voice but that he could feel my fingers tapping him as i have found that in my dreams when i try to wake myself up i am like paralysed and the only thing i can move are my fingers, and well i shout my partners name in my dreams until I eventually get his name out and he will wake me up. Now this man has followed me to every house hold i have lived in ! although 98% of time the dream is back where i grew up for 18 yrs but i have dreamt where he has tried to get into the places i prevously lived at a couple of times and well My newer place i hadnt had a dream of him coming into this home but last night i did. and HE WAS inside this time, in the bathroom, I immidtaley tried to wake myself up and shouted to my partner to wake me up, i cried and shouted and i was again paralysed and tapped my fingers on the bed and he eventually woke me up as he heard i was trying to say something. I felt like someone was in our home, we had to get up and check the place.

    Anyway i just want to know why has this man followed me everywhere , why does he always want to hurt me and my mum, this would be the first time my mum wasnt in the dream it was me and my partner was sleepimng in a deep sleep in my dream. So strange horrible feeling.

    Then my other continuous dream since i was a little girl is dreaming with the devil,except this is continuous it continues from where we left off, he controls me in all my dreams, at around the age of 20 or so i gave up my soul to him , so that he wouldnt kill my nephew, and since then my dreams are constant where he just has control he tries to change me, and theres this little boy his “son” who is always around my nephew in all my dreams every since my nephew was a little boy until now as he is 10 now, this little devil has managed to always try and trick me as he morphs himself to look like my nephew and does things so that i can react to hurt him , bnut i always realise who my nephew is and grab the little devil and bash him , punching and kicking him until he morphs back , its horrible. I dont know just the odd continuous dreams, luckily ever since i had a session with some sort of therapist she managed to put me in a deep sleep and clean out my bad energy and also give me energy as i was at times so wanrn out from these dreams that it felt like iw as not sleeping, so its been about 6 months or more since i havent dreamt with the devil again. but unline my other dream with the man this is still continuous…… I just want to try and understand it. It must mean something, other misc dreams in the past have always warned me, from befor emy grandfather passed away, its like it was a warning and he passed not long after, from someone close having twins and or miscarriage it all happened within the month of my dreams.

  27. HL said on February 1, 2015 at 5:38 am ... #

    I lost my dad 4 months ago and I just had my first baby less than 2 weeks ago. I have always had dreams that I could remember and ever since my dad passing from a 2 year battle with cancer, I fear falling asleep because I wake up in tears from terrible dreams about him dying. It’s like reliving that night over and over again. I already had sleep problems and I absolutely hate taking medicine but sleep meds have never helped my dreams anyway. I wish I had an end on sight to this purgatory. With a newborn, I need sound sleep and I’m not getting it.

  28. jesus said on March 2, 2015 at 5:57 pm ... #

    Who can help with this question so today morningmy daughter was having a nightmare started screaming for mommy very loud i aproached the room and woke her up but couldnt comfort her. The dream she had was aabout a monster chasing her and mommy after i woke her up i noticed she was realy pale and her heart beat was realy fast but the weird part was she had woken up but she couldnt see me or her brother eve. Tho he was sitting infront of her her eyes were wide open she cohld hear my questions but coulndt see us is there any explanation to that somebody might be able to help with

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