Grief in the News: August 1

From turning your grief into something positive, to learning how to help others handle their grief, here are a few headlines from this weeks grief in the news:

Grieving mother raises money to build playground in son’s memory,
After the loss of her 4-year-old son, Kayla Davidson and her sisters wanted to turn their grief into something positive.  By remembering what Maxx enjoyed most, the family and community have come together to build a public playground in his memory. [Read more…]

How Parents Can Support Grieving Teens,
As a parent you can’t protect your child from grief and loss, but you can know how to support them.  This article offers five ways for parents to be supportive of their grieving teen.  [Read more…]

Grieving grandmother seeks to help new moms,
Pat Robertson has made it her mission to help new, underprivileged mothers in central Kentucky.  She has created a project that gathers baby supplies and donations to help these new moms. [Read more…]

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  1. Charlotte Medlin said on August 17, 2014 at 10:04 am ... #

    Lost daddy 6 yrs. ago I CANNOT tail about him without crying. I miss him so much How can I STOP THE grief.Since then I have had colon removal & had kidney cancer. NOT much support from husband. He has caused conflicts in the family. which has caused grief. His life is the internet. I JUST want to stop the hurt.

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