Grief in the News: February 2015

Here are a few headlines about grief that have made the news this month. If there’s an article that y ou’ve seen and would like to share, please leave it in the comments! (We will approve those comments next week.)

8 Tips for Coping With the Death of a Parent, Huffington Post
When a parent dies, we are supposed to be prepared for this normal life passage, or at least be more ready to accept it when it happens. Or should we? Read more >

When Grief Won’t Relent, New York Times
Bereavement — how one responds and adjusts to the death of a loved one — is a very individual matter. It is natural to experience a host of negative reactions in the weeks and months following the loss of a loved one. Read more >

Wisdom From a Grieving and Growing Teen, Chapel Hill News
Punched in the gut. Doused with ice cold water. Slapped in the face. These are some of the phrases people use to describe what grief feels like. Read more >

Driving Through Grief, Yahoo! News
“I decided I wanted to go around the country and thank every person who supported me. I wanted to look them in the eyes, give them a hug and thank them personally.” Read more >

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