Grief in the News: January 2015

As we head into a new year, Grief in the News will take a new posting schedule to guarantee one post a month of highlights of grief and coping that are making headlines. If you’ve seen a story in your area that you would like to see featured here or on the Hello Grief Facebook page, leave a link in the comments section of this post!

Grief In The Classroom,
How should teachers and school administrators handle the death of a student’s loved one? A new website — — is trying to help teachers and school leaders answer that question. Read more >

You can also read more about and the Coalition to Support Grieving Students at Education Week.

Getting Grief Right, New York Times
A psychotherapist in Fort Worth talks about a case of a mother trying to get grief “right” following the death of an infant. Read more >

For millennials in mourning, grief can run deep, MPR News
Emily Kaiser was 26 when cancer took her mother’s life. “I was mostly in denial about it until the very end,” she says, “and when it finally came, the gloom I sank into was profound. For six months, I could hardly function. It was as if I’d become estranged from everyone in my life.” Read more >

Yoga: A Treatment for Grief?, Yahoo Health
Research has shown that mind-body practices including yoga and meditation can help reduce symptoms of various conditions such as depression, anxiety, negative mood, fatigue and stress. But mental health experts are beginning to recognize the power the practices can also have on people coping with grief.  Read more >

How to help a child overcome the worst nightmare, Chicago Tribune
Robert Zucker, author of “The Journey Through Grief and Loss: Helping Yourself and Your Child When Grief Is Shared” offers his advice on how to help children. Read more >

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