Grief in the News: July 10

Handling grief is a challenge, especially when you think you have to go through it alone. Truth is, there are plenty of support groups where you can grieve and cope with other individuals who have experienced the same thing.  Here are a couple of headlines that talk about how to cope:

Unique Camp Helps Children Cope With the Loss of a Parent or Sibling,
Everyone grieves in their own way when they experience a loss, but for children experiencing the loss of a loved one, it can be especially confusing.  One organization is providing kids with a safe place to heal, grieve and talk about the feelings they’re experiencing during this time. [Read more…]

Melissa Rivers’ Grief Journey: From Silence to Advocacy, Huffington Post
After losing her father to suicide, Melissa didn’t know how to cope with her grief for many years.  Now she has figured it out and is offering words of advice for others who are learning how to handle their grief. [Read more…]

Grief support session targeted at young adults,
Grief is a difficult at any age, but experiencing death as a young adult, when there is already so much change occurring, can be challenging.  A program will be offering 4 grief support sessions this summer for young adults, allowing individuals to come together and cope. [Read more…]

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  1. Fred said on September 26, 2014 at 8:14 pm ... #

    “Truth is, there are plenty of support groups ” If only life was that simple. I live in Mid Wales, the nearest grief support group is at least 2 hours away and I only know one other person my age (well she’s nearly 10 years older than me) who’s lost someone as young as I have

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