Grief in the News: June 27

Every individual experiences grief differently.  Here are a couple of headlines that discuss the different ways people experience and heal through grief:

Commentary: Grief is unique to each individual, Chapel Hill News
When helping a child find their way through unfamiliar and uncomfortable feelings, it is normal to wonder if how they’re doing is how they’re supposed to be doing. Sometimes the journey through grief isn’t a straight path. [Read more…]

PEOPLE: Building a silent system of support for grief-stricken,
Surrey therapist Susan Dahlgren wants to relay the important message that for those who are grieving, although things will never be normal again, they will be OK.  [Read more…]

Smart Talk: Children and grief,
Smart Talk is a daily, live, interactive program featured a segment on June 18, 2014 regarding children and grief.  Listen to two specialists on the show discuss how children grieve differently than adults and more. [Read more…]

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