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  1. Jessie said on November 24, 2012 at 1:25 am ... #

    My name is Jessie and I am 22 years old. My mother died when I was 12 very suddenly from cancer. I was raised by my dad. We have a very small family. I left for college 6 hours away from home. I usually wouldn’t see my dad but every 6 months. This is year he got sick with flu type symptoms in June. He was stubborn and didn’t go to the doctor. He was life flighted to the hospital in late July. I immediately packed my things and drove the 5 hours to the hospital. Upon arrival i was told he was in multiple organ failure cause unknown. I had to choose whether he died that night or to put him on dialysis. He was on dialysis for i week and he was on a ventilator so i could not speak to him. After the 6th day with no improvement i called hospice to care for him in his last days. I have struggled with this decision for months. Now I live in my child hood home and am responsible for all the bills. In total its about 75000 worth of debt. I have abused alcohol and drugs in the last few months and am scared for my future. I have no idea what to do. I am severely depressed and in deep need of help.

  2. Helen said on March 4, 2013 at 5:03 am ... #

    3 weeks ago my friend died next to me on the couch. I applied CPR for 35/40 mins until ambos arrived. I am confused, smell the regurgitation from the CPR, am so sad, sending her belongings back to her family, as she was living with me and My Husband .In a Bed sit we had created for her. She was only 52yrs. Am just Hurting so much AlbeitI have Young Family Die. There are just no words

  3. SandraRainsDeBusk said on June 19, 2013 at 10:55 am ... #

    I miss my parents so much!
    Mom and Dad, this is for you!

    Imagine hearing that one of your parents has a rare and deadly disease. My dad was having trouble with his right thumb. I was a young girl at the time. This was 1988.
    When we would get into he car to go somewhere, he could not turn the key in the ignition. I had to do ti for him. He could then drive. In Jan of 1988, my dad went to
    the doctor. Not just because of his thumb, but he said that there were times that he felt as though he were dying literally.

    We found out in January 1988 that my dad had ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease. This disease kills all of your nerves and muscle, little by little until the last step when you have respiratory failure.

    Nursing daddy was hard on all of us kids, and our mom. We literally had to at one point, hold his head up so that he could see what was going on around him.

    So many things happened during dads dying stages. He saw spirits, he heard things, he dreamed vividly.
    Then came the day of his Last Breath, June 13, 1988.

    My Mother was the sweetest woman in my world.
    She was the perfect mother and perfect woman. She was to me, a saint. She never said bad things about anyone, she never gossiped, or hurt anyone intentionally. She was faithful to my dad for 32 years they shared together.
    She loved us kids more than the air she breathed.

    Mom had several tests ran at the hospital. It was a long time and many tests later before they realized she had a rare genetic cancer.
    This cancer was all through her body. It was in her brain, her blood, her bones.

    Moms eye began to bulge at one point, and I could never say anything to her about it for fear of scaring her. I would say it was the swelling in her brain due to the cancer.

    Not once did we believe mom wouldn’t make it.

    She went through all fo the treatments and at one point they told us it had vanished. Then they changed their story and said no, it had increased.

    Momma spent one of her last weeks with me. I kept her the week before she passed.

    She sat on the edge of her bed one night trying to finish her coffee.
    Suddenly she turned her head toward me and said “I love you Sandy”. I rubbed her back and said “I love you too Mommy, so much!”

    Monday morning my sister in law called me and said “You better get over here, your Moms in bad shape.”

    I slammed the phone and put my sandals on and rushed over there.

    My Mother died August 22nd at 8:05 am. 4 days before her 70th birthday. She was buried on her birthday.

  4. bridget said on October 6, 2013 at 6:53 pm ... #

    Is this group only for people who suffered death of loved ones? Anything for people divorcing?

  5. hannah said on December 31, 2014 at 11:21 pm ... #

    When i was 12 and 3 months one of my grandads (pops) passed away i never cried in front of anyone, talked about how i felt or talked about him,then 6 months later my other grandad found a brain tumor and couple of weeks later died and once gain i shut it all out and talked to no one. One year later on exact same date aged 13 n 9 months my mum died. She had been going to docs years for stomach problems to be told theres nothing wrong then one morning was rushed into hospital we found out she had cancer in every part of body couldnt be treated so was put in hospice died 2 weeks later. once again ive not cried in front of anyone or how i feel. Im now 15 and 4 mo months and still greif inside for all 3, i crie my self to sleep after a long day of acting like im happyiest person alive. I also now suffer with panic actacks when going out And worry about everything all the time, i struggle so much at school, i cant do anything feel so useless. I also am pushed out all my friends go out never invite me,talk about planning days/nights that i arent invited to in front of me and stuff likr that i sit there n realise im not important to anyone n no one would realise if i disaper. I always feel invisible with most people. I also hate my self so much for how i am and how ugly/fat/horrible/stupid i am. I look in mirror n break down n hurt my self becausr of how ugly i am. I dont want to eat but i do then hate my self so much. Ive also been told many times how ugly/worthless i am. i panic when im out too always thinking peoples thinking how bad i look n talking about way i am and look. Right now im having horrible thoughts about how i cant cope anymore and how i dont want to live like this i dont want to be me i want to be gone.
    Most of all i just want help but too scared to talk to anyone and i feel like i have hardly anyone or people i could tell dont want to be wasting time sorting my stupid problems out 🙁

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