Saving Lives with Red Light Cameras

In our own time of great sorrow solace is found in the opportunity to fill other hearts with hope.

Being the strength of my family I promised to make a reason for what had happened at our own intersection the night my husband’s life senselessly ended at the hands of a careless motorist; a red light runner.

Red Light Cameras Curb the behaviors of our careless motorist … they cut down on serious injuries and fatalities! Do they STOP everyone from running a red light? No! Will they bring my husband back? No! Will they educate our motorist on how to STOP on red again? Yes!

We live in a fast paced multi-task society where we are doing everything except driving our “loaded-weapons.” If we were all obeying our traffic laws, using common sense and courtesy to our fellow motorists and sharing the road in a respectful manner we would never have to put technology in place to encourage safe driving habits.

Thank you Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ( for your thorough research and study of Red Light Safety Cameras. Lives are being saved daily at intersections around the country where these cameras are implemented. Your “analysis shows that red light cameras are making our intersections safer.” IIHS study has only reiterated my confidence in the Red Light Camera System. This technology does improve driver awareness, save lives and alleviate tragedy at our intersections.

Red Light Running Crashes have caused such heartache! My solace is in knowing that one little girl will have her dad to tuck her into bed tonight because a Red light Camera encouraged and educated a motorist on how to STOP ON RED!

Our thanks to Melissa Wandall for allowing us to reshare her blog. Melissa was 9 months pregnant when a red light runner killed her husband. You can learn more about her at

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