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Grief in the News: August 1

From turning your grief into something positive to learning how to help others handle their grief, here are a few headlines from this weeks grief in the news:


Grief in the News: July 10

Handling grief is a challenge, especially when people think they have to go through it alone. Truth is, there are plenty of support groups where you can grieve and cope with other individuals who have experienced the same thing. Here are a couple of headlines that talk about how to cope:


Make ’em Laugh!

Comedy as a means of coping

A 30-plus minute break may be just what you need so you can handle your grief journey in an appropriate and healthy way.


The Importance of Community in a Child’s Healing

Camps and bereavement groups are not the only places to create a sense of belonging. Online forums and websites such as Hello Grief allow kids to creatively express themselves. These virtual communities are just as important. They are always there — day or night.