Topic: Mentors & Friends

Circle of Friends

Although our paths to this circle
have all been different,
we find that we have discovered
a place where we are understood.


Hope for the Thanksgiving Holiday

The holidays can be an especially difficult time of year for those who are grieving. Author Patti Cox writes about how to cope when everyone around you seems happy and full of holiday cheer, making you want to just skip the holidays all together.


Grief in the News: July 25

When looking for words of advice after the loss of a loved one, help can come from a grief counselor, friend or even someone anonymous.


June 13: Grief in the News

From dealing with your own grief through creativity, to helping a friend experiencing their own grief, here are a few headlines about grief this week.


Getting “Closer” … When You Thought it was Already “Closed”

Write a letter

I challenge you to write to your loved ones. You may come out with lighter heart by letting go of something you didn’t know you were holding on to.


My Life As An Analytical Griever

Guest author Emily Clark reflects on how being an intellectual helped – and sometimes hindered – her healing.


Keeping Our Center Throughout Our Grief Journey

Having lost three loved ones to suicide, guest author Catherine Greenleaf has learned that finding and keeping balance after a loss can make all of the difference in healing and moving forward.


Memories and Emotions

Poetry can capture and convey intense feelings and emotions. Author Bill Cushnie shares two short grief and loss-related poems and his thoughts on the healing wisdom that can be extracted from them.


Real Men Grieve

Grief is talked about more openly now than in the past, but nobody really speaks to men on this. Specifically, men don’t speak to men about this. Guest author Erik S. tells us how losing his daughter showed him how little support was out there for grieving dads.


Moving Through Tragedy

Following school shootings or other public tragedies, we watch tv, we read the online updates, we look at countless photos that had no business being made public in the first place. In trying to make sense of something senseless, we often find ourselves surrounded by sorrow. Author Alisha Krukowski shares thoughts on some different approaches we may wish to take as we find our way towards healing.

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