Topic: Parent Loss

Stronger than Cancer

Author Alisha Krukowski does not like the euphemism that someone “lost their battle with cancer.” On the eve of the three year anniversary of her mom’s death, Alisha reflects on how the battle with cancer brought out the best in her mom, and those around her – giving the world so much more than cancer could ever take away.


Rebuilding a Routine

Schedule and routine provide safety, security, and structure. Following the death of a family member, all of these things are shattered. Author Pete Shrock provides practical tips on how to rebuild a routine and provide a measure of security for your children after the trauma of losing a family member.


Am I “Over It?”

Lynne Hughes’ reflects on her mother’s 36th death anniversary. Her mother died when she was 9. Is she “over it?” Her answer: yes, and no.


Teens’ Talk about Parents Dating Again

A 17 year old girl asks: My Mom is dating again, and I’m worried that she’s trying to replace my Dad. What can I do? Fellow teens answer.

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