Topic: Parent Loss

Finding “Me Time” on a Run

Mary Barber

There is no test with running. There’s no license or membership to earn … you just run. The courage to accept the challenge and start the journey forward encompasses both my grief and running.


Running through the Tears

Melissa Bodin

Instead of always running through tears of pain and sadness, I find myself still running through tears, but they are often tears of joy, gratitude, and love.


Living is More Than Having a Pulse

Ryan Knapp

Running provides me the athletic outlet I need to connect with the feelings I used to have when 6-year-old me rounded third base at the Boys and Girls Club in Tonawanda, N.Y., my father cheering me on in his flat-brimmed hat.


A Decade: My Grief Journey in Reflection

Guest author Ashley shares her 10-year grief journey, how it’s evolved and how Comfort Zone Camp has been there to help.


As a Result

As a result of what my family has been through since my dad was diagnosed with the brain cancer that took his life only 10 weeks later, I’ve learned that in the face of tragedy people will surprise you.


The Legacy of Others Lives Through You

Franklin Lee and family

My adult relationship with my mother lasted only a few short years and ended on August 6, 1999, when she died in a car accident.


Keeping Our Center Throughout Our Grief Journey

Having lost three loved ones to suicide, guest author Catherine Greenleaf has learned that finding and keeping balance after a loss can make all of the difference in healing and moving forward.


A Different Kind of Valentine

Alisha’s mom died on February 13th, 2007. Valentine’s Day Eve. She tells us how she was planning (or rather not planning) for Valentine’s Day to come and go as usual this year when her mom’s memory came knocking softly at her heart. Mom loved holidays, loved the idea of spreading cheer and love and chocolate. She felt something different this year. She felt challenged to reclaim this day.


The Hole Left By Grief

Grief can be an ugly thing.There is no way to sugar coat it. What kids feel is real and raw. Samantha Sage talks about life as a widow, and how Comfort Zone Camp helped her family to find healing.


We Are Family

Comfort Zone Camp volunteer Colleen Wilson tells us how camp helped both her and her sister to heal after her mom’s death. After experiencing the impact of a camp weekend, they both decided to join the Grief Relief Team to help give other kids and teens the opportunity to heal and grow.

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